Sadaf White Vinegar Distilled 100% Natural 32 oz.


&lt;div>&lt;span style=”color: #ffffff;”>serke <div>Sadaf White Vinegar Distilled offers a pure and natural solution for culinary and household needs. Made from 100% natural ingredients, it adds brightness to dishes and serves as a versatile cleaning agent for a sparkling home.

  • Pure and Natural: Made from 100% natural ingredients, Sadaf White Vinegar Distilled is free from artificial additives and preservatives, ensuring a clean and pure taste in every drop.
  • Versatile Culinary Ingredient: Enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes with Sadaf White Vinegar Distilled. Use it as a tangy dressing for salads, marinades for meats and vegetables, or as a key ingredient in pickling recipes, adding brightness and acidity to your culinary creations.
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution: Sadaf White Vinegar Distilled serves as a natural and effective household cleaner. Dilute it with water to create an all-purpose cleaning solution that removes stains, grease, and odors from surfaces throughout your home, leaving them clean and fresh.
Homemade Salad Dressing with Sadaf White Vinegar Distilled</div>



– 1/4 cup Sadaf White Vinegar Distilled
– 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
– 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
– 1 teaspoon honey
– Salt and pepper to taste



1. In a small bowl, whisk together Sadaf White Vinegar Distilled, olive oil, Dijon mustard, and honey until well combined.
2. Season with salt and pepper to taste, adjusting the seasoning as needed.
3. Use immediately as a dressing for your favorite salads, or store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one week.
4. Shake well before each use to re-emulsify the dressing. Enjoy the tangy and flavorful goodness of homemade salad dressing made with Sadaf White Vinegar Distilled!
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