Sadaf Sweet Basil Seeds 0.5 oz.


Sadaf Sweet Basil Seeds 0.5 oz. 


Basil seeds are one of the foods that you should consider in your healthy diet. Because the properties of basil seeds make it a complete food source of nutrients.

Seeds can also be added to your water bottle for a bright and nutritious pop of texture and flavor. 



  • Basil seeds are a good source of minerals for the body.
  • Another property of basil seeds is that they have high fiber, which helps the health of the digestive system and makes you feel full. That is why it is recommended to use basil seeds in the diet. In fact, basil seed has a slimming effect, and eating it causes more stomach volume to be occupied and the desire to overeat is reduced.
  • Basil seeds are also used for stomach pain and stomach acid treatment



Sweet basil seeds

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