Sadaf Mint Leaves Cut 4 oz.


This product is associated with fresh breath. Although you can use Mint leaves to add flavor to foods and drinks. It has a fruity, aromatic taste. Mint leaves have many benefits such as:

1.It contains small amounts of vitamins A and C.
2.Mint leaves may help relieve Indigestion.
3.It’s rich in nutrition.
4.It can improve brain function.
5.It prevents or helps you get rid of bad breath.
6. It Use to reduce nipple pain from breastfeeding. (Apply it on your skin)

Also, you can steep a handful of mint leaves in a pint of hot water for about ten minutes, then strain. Add to bathwater for an invigorating, stress-free soak. You can add this product to drinks like tea or ever summer drinks, add it to your food to give a cool taste.

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