Sadaf Grapeseed Oil 2 L


Sadaf Grapeseed Oil 2 L


Grapeseed oil is a vegetable oil derived from the seeds of grapes. Grape seed oil can withstand high cooking temperatures because it has a higher melting point and there is no unpleasant change in its structure. So you can use it in your foods and salads.




  • The oil extracted from grape seed helps the body’s immune process and also strengthens our blood circulation.
  • Grapeseed oil is very rich in Vitamin E and Omega-6s.
  • It’ll prevent cancer.
  • It can control your blood pressure.
  • It’s good for your bone health.



Pure Grapeseed Oil.


Other usages:

Grapeseed oil penetrates your skin quickly and does not make your skin oily. To use grapeseed oil on your face, massage a few drops on clean skin before going to bed at night. It’ll Improve acne

Lighten the skin

Tightens pores


Before shampooing, massage a few tablespoons of grapeseed oil into your hair and scalp. Grapeseed oil gives moisture, strength, and shine to the hair.

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