Sadaf Carrot Preserve with Orange Peels 12 oz.


Sadaf Carrot Preserve with Orange Peels 12 oz.


One of the most popular and of course high-quality jams is carrot jam, which is in the hearts of all of us. Carrot jam, in addition to being a good choice for breakfast like all jams, is very special due to the presence of carrots in it and has a warmer and warmer nature. In fact, carrots, carrot jam, and carrot juice are foods that help the body a lot and have many useful properties.

Calories of orange jam and its properties are the subject of our discussion. Orange jam is rich in vitamins and can be a good option for breakfast.



  • Oranges and Orange jams strengthen the immune system.
  • It’s good for heart disease.
  • It’s anti-cancer.
  • Carrot jam has a high nutritional value
  • Consumption of carrot jam prevents some diseases
  • Carrot jam helps keep your digestive system healthy



Sugar, Water, Carrot, Pectin, Orange Juice, Orange Peel, Lime Juice, Rose Water, Vanilla Extract, Cardamom.

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