Sadaf Black Beans 24 oz.


Sadaf Black Beans 24 oz.


Beans are shiny, black seeds that belong to the bean family (Phaseolus vulgaris). It is mostly found in Latin American cuisine and is known by various names in Central and South America. Add black beans to your diet to provide a variety of nutrients and prevent many diseases.



  • Black beans are rich in fiber and protein and are a rich source of minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, calcium, iron, and manganese.
  • Beans are soluble fiber and help lower blood cholesterol levels.
  • It will reduce the risk of cancer.
  • The amino acids and molybdenum in black beans improve the function of the nervous system.



This is a raw agricultural product with the best grade. After harvesting, clean it with modern equipment but it may still contain some product, stone or foreign material damaged in the air. We suggest you check the contents of this package before cooking.

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