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Whether you’re looking for a healing and soothing flower water or a refreshing syrup and organic juice,’s selection of Mediterranean Beverages has got you covered. Our range includes a variety of Healing & flavoring flower waters such as Rose Water (Golab), Mint Water (Araghe Nana), Fumitory Water (Araghe Shatareh), Chicory Endive Water (Araghe Kasni), Pussywillow (bitmeshk) Water, Orange Blossom Water (Araghe Bahar Nareng), Hedysasum Water (Aragh Kharshatar), Fenugreek Water (Araghe Shanbalileh), Borage Water (Araghe Gol Gavzaban), Dill Weed Water (Aragh Shevid), and Cumin Seed Water (Araghe Zireh) that add a unique taste and aroma to your drinks.

    We also offer refreshing and delicious Sharbats such as Sekanjebin Syrup (Sharbate Sekanjebin), Sour Cherry Syrup (Sharbate Albaloo), Jallab Syrup (Sharbate Khorma), Quince Lemon Syrup (Sharbate Beh Limoo), Rose Syrup (Sharbate Golab), and Pomegranate Syrup (Sharbate Anar), perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot summer day.

     In addition, our collection of organic juices includes Pomegranate Juice, Fruit and Veggie Juice, and Cherry Juice, all made with high-quality organic ingredients. And don’t forget to try our traditional Mediterranean Yogurt Soda (Doogh), a delicious and refreshing drink made with yogurt.

Browse our range today and enjoy the flavors & benefits!