Bidmeshk Oleaster 8 Oz (Senjed)


Bidmeshk Oleaster 8 Oz (Senjed)

Bidmeshk Oleaster 8 Oz (Senjed)-Oleaster is a popular tree fruit that grows in almost all climates. This fruit is mostly planted in the western and central regions of Asia, Russia and Turkey are also active in its cultivation and production. Elderberry is a fruit that is recommended for consumption in traditional Islamic medicine as well as traditional Chinese medicine. This fruit has two types, small and large, and the larger type is floury and has a thin skin. Elderberry is a cold-tempered fruit that has very few calories and a sweet taste.

Among the properties of elderberry are the vitamins contained in it. It may be strange to you that such a small fruit, which is not given much attention, is a rich source of vitamins. Elderberry has a lot of vitamin C, which is effective in preventing colds. Also, the presence of vitamin K in Sanjad is useful for people who have blood clotting problems. In addition, elderberry contains a lot of calcium, which is why it is recommended to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.

Oleaster can reduce dry eyes caused by stress by increasing tear secretion. Edible oil of elderberry kernel reduces the symptoms of dry eyes that occur in cold weather and usually in winter by restoring the high levels of particles in the tears. The fatty acids in this fruit produce chemicals that prevent inflammation and help produce tears.

Oleaster is one of the best natural sugar substitutes for diabetics. Elderberry kernel extract reduces high blood pressure in diabetic patients. But elderberry should not be consumed excessively. It is also effective in reducing fat and sugar levels, which are common symptoms of diabetes.

In addition to the elder fruit, its core also has healing properties

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