Fancy Folded Fruit Leather With Sour Sauce – Mixed Fruit – Mix Fruit Roll- Toranj (Lavashak) 17 Oz (500 g)


(torsh – torshland – lavashak)

Lavashak, a Persian fruit delicacy, offers a rich, sweet treat made from sun-dried fruits like plums and apricots. With its nutritious and portable qualities, it’s perfect for guilt-free snacking or a wholesome energy boost, blending convenience and health benefits.


  • Nutrient-Rich: Lavashak provides essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from dried fruits, enriching your diet conveniently.
  • Healthier Option: Prepared with minimal or no added sweeteners, lavashak offers a healthier alternative to snacks with excessive sugar content, satisfying sweet cravings without drawbacks.
  • Portable and Durable: With its dehydrated and compact form, lavashak serves as an excellent on-the-go snack, ensuring convenience and nutrition without worries about spoilage.
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